MacOS users can subscribe to your Cadenza calendar and sync all of your events with their personal iCal applications. To instruct visitors how to add your Cadenza calendar subscription, provide them with the URL below (replacing the “” segment with your actual domain!)


MacOS Desktop or Laptop Subscription

  1. In the MacOS Calendar application, go to File > New Calendar Subscription 
  2. Paste the modified URL above in the Calendar URL field
  3. Give the subscription an Name
  4. Assign a color to distinguish from other calendar subscriptions
  5. The Subscribed to field should display the pasted URL
  6. Opt to remove Alerts and Attachments
  7. Choose to Auto-refresh never, every 5 minutes, every 15 minutes, every hour, every day or every week
  8. Opt to Ignore alerts
  9. Click OK to complete the subscription

iOS Mobile Device Subscription

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap Accounts & Passwords.
  3. Under the Accounts section, tap Add Account.
  4. Tap Other.
  5. Under Calendars, tap Add Subscribed Calendar.
  6. Enter or paste in the URL above, the tap Next
  7. Tap Next.
  8. Use the Description field to give the calendar an easily recognizable name.
  9. Enter a server username and password if required (most users will be able to skip this step).
  10. Tap Save