Gravity Forms are powerful, but are simply styled. You can modify the look of your form by applying additional styling through the Customiser, or throughthe Page Builder For Styler Module.

Customizer Styles & Layouts

To adjust the style of your Form, do the following:

From your Dashboard, go to the Form you want to edit by navigating to Forms, then do the following:

  1. Select the Form that you wish to edit by hovering over the Title, then clicking the Title or the Edit link, then hovering over the Settings option and clicking the Confirmations link from the flydown menu
  2. Click the Styles & Layouts option
  3. This launches your Form in the Customizer, so you can preview how your Form appears on your site

The following Gravity Form elements may be styled: General Settings, Form Wrapper, Form Header, Form Title & Description, Field Labels, Sub Lables, Placeholders, Field Description, Text Fields, Dropdown Fields, Radio Inputs, Checkbox Inputs, Paragraph Textarea Fields, Section Break, Title & Description, List Field, Submit Button, Confirmation Message and Error Message.

Page Builder Gravity Form Styler Modules

First, edit page or post using the Page Builder. Then add your Form to your post or page using one of the following:

  • Cadenza Modules – Gravity Forms Styler
  • PowerPack Modules – Gravity Form

Both Modules above apply custom styles to your Gravity Form, in slightly different ways. Explore each option and use the one you are most comfortable with!

* Note – Some Form elements’ appearance is defined by the operating system and user agent (browser) and may look slightly different depending on how a visitor is viewing your site. Check your Form on different devices with different browsers to verify any differences.