The built-in Cadenza Staff List/Grid and profile page feature is a powerful and easy way to create an interactive directory for your organization. However, you may want something less complicated and more straight forward, or simply something more creative and personal. You can create your own Staff page from scratch and design it any way that you want using the Editor or the Page Builder.

Page Builder

Using the Page Builder and Content Modules gives you much more freedom to create an interesting Staff Page layout and design, and you can use the Page Builder to develop the Staff Profile pages if you need them You can also create and save a Staff Profile page template and reuse it for each staff member, saving you from having to recreate it each time.

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To use the Page Builder on any of the next four methods, navigate to Pages > All Pages > Staff and make sure to select the Page Builder tab when editing the page.

Page Builder Team Modules

The Page Builder includes several Team Modules that can be dragged and droped into a Page Builder row, and customized to include such information as Name, Title, Department, Description, Social Links and images. Use these modules to create nicely organized rows and columns for your staff members. Each module has multiple settings for style, color and organization to give you a truly flexible alternative to building a professional looking Staff page.

Page Builder Team Templates (Premium Subscribers)

For Premium Subscribers, you can drag and drop pre-configured pages or rows of multiple team members. After adding them to your Page Builder page, edit each member to swap out images and personal information. This method gives you a head start by establishing the overall design of the page, leaving you to just add your real staff members and their information.

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Cadenza Team Rows

Some Cadenza Themes include a Staff row in their home page design. These rows have been extracted and saved as stand-alone elements, similar to the Team Templates above. Select, drag and drop these into your Page Builder page and swap out the pictures and information for your actual staff members.

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Use the Editor

Use the WordPress Editor to create a page using text, images and links. If you only need a single page, then navigate to Pages > All Pages > Staff, and add content to your page. If you want to add additional pages for each staff member’s profile, then create them separately. Select the Staff page as each one’s parent page, and add a link to each profile page from your main Staff page.

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