If you have many sponsors of your organization, you can add logos, sponsor ads or a listing of their names on your built-in Sponsors page.

Your Sponsors page is a blank page. Its uses neither the WordPress default editor, nor the Page Builder – how you create your Sponsors page is up to you! For the greatest flexibility, we recommend using the Page Builder tools. By using the Page Builder, you can create a very simple styled page, perhaps for a sponsors list, or something more complex and interesting, using Page Builder Content Modules.

Add Simple Sponsors List

If you only need to list sponsors by name, without using their logos or banner ads, do one of the following:

  • Use the built-in WordPress Visual or Text Editor. Simply add your list of sponsors and Publish your page. Format the text as you’d like and add web or email links (see below).
  • Use the Page Builder Text Editor Module. The Page Builder Text Editor Module works exactly like the WordPress Editor, but with a few additional tools for adjusting spacing and animation.

Either method above produces roughly the same result. If you choose to use the WordPress editor, then decide later to switch to the Page Builder, then your text will be automatically converted to the Page Builder Text Editor Module.

Add Saved Sponsors Logo Blocks

To replicate the look and feel of many of the Cadenza Themes’ Sponsors Blocks, use the Page Builder to drag and drop saved Sponsor Rows onto your Sponsors Page by doing the following:

  1. From your Dashboard, navigate to Pages > All Pages
  2. Locate the Sponsors page
  3. Hover over the page name and click the Page Builder link
  4. Locate and click the Saved link at the top of the Page Builder
  5. Scroll down the list under Saved Rows to locate one of the Sponsors Blocks. Each row is named for the Cadenza Theme which uses the row in its home page design.
  6. Click, drag and drop the Sponsor block’s name onto your page area.

Each block has slight variations. Choose the layout you prefer that best matches your site design.

Replace the Default Logos

Default logos are included for your reference. You’ll need to replace all of these with actual Sponsor Logos. Since the Sponsor Rows use some different modules in the Page Builder, you will need to edit the modules to replace the images, either by deleting them or replacing them.

You are not limited to the number of images included in the saved row. Add as many or as few images as you needed to give all of your supporters the recognition they deserve.

Add Links

No matter which Modules you use, you can link Sponsor Logos to a website or email address. Edit the Module and the logos to add links. Use the following for adding links:

  • For website addresses, including social media networks, use the full URL of the site, for example: http://www.cadenza.works/ or https://www.facebook.com/cadenza.works/
  • For email links, add you link this way: mailto:support@cadenza.works.

Add Sponsor Banner Ads

This option is for Premium Cadenza Subscribers

Whether you sell ad space to generate revenue for your organization, or place ads in return for donations or sponsorships, you can add the same ads to your Sponsor’s page instead of (or in addition to) sponsor logos.

Since the optimal banner ad size is 300 pixels width by 250 pixels height (300W x 250H), your Sponsors Page will look best by using a 3-column layout.

To achieve a 3-column layout for Sponsor Ads, do the following:

  1. From your Dashboard, navigate to Pages > All Pages
  2. Locate the Sponsors page
  3. Hover over the page name and click the Page Builder link
  4. Locate and click the Rows link at the top of the Page Builder
  5. Click, drag and drop the 3 Columns row option onto your page area.
  6. Locate and click the Modules link at the top of the Page Builder
  7. Under Group, locate WordPress Widgets from the list
  8. Locate from the list of WordPress Widgets, the Advanced Ads Widget
  9. Click, drag and drop an Advanced Ads Widget into one of the new columns on your page.
  10. In the Page Builder, enter a Title for your ad (e.g. “Maestro’s Music”)
  11. From the drop down list, Select the ad you want to place in your column
  12. Repeat steps 6-11 to insert two more ads into your row.
  13. To add another row or 3 columns and ads, repeat from step 5 above.

All functionality for ad links and ad tracking are carried onto your Sponsors Pages using the Advanced Ads Widget, so you do not need to add links to your ad media. Manage all Advanced Ads through the Advanced Ads plugin options.