Your Cadenza website uses a calendar plugin by Modern Tribe called “The Events Calendar”. As a 3rd party plugin, the functionality is developed and supported by Modern Tribe. More information about using The Events Calendar can be found on Modern Tribe’s plugin site and support forum.

You can also find more detailed help by navigating to  Events > Settings > Help.

Cadenza Events Calendar Features

Your Cadenza Events Calendar is a fully fictional calendar for scheduling all of your organization’s events and activities. Events can be organized and filtered by using Events Categories and applying appropriate Tags. These allow for easier searching and filtering and can be color coded on the front end for easier viewing.

Adding Events

Adding Events is as easy as filling out a form. Simply enter an event name and details, select dates and times and choose from other saved content like Venues and Organizers. Event Details pages can include as much detail as you need, from just the date and time to full blown events pages with details, images, links, maps and more.

Recurring Events

You can quickly add your entire rehearsal schedule by taking advantage of Recurring Event scheduling. Just pick the start and end dates and complete the details for your rehearsals and your calendar will fill in all of the dates in between – a huge time saver!

Filterable Views

On the front end, visitors can filter events by your Categories and Tags to make viewing their events easier.

Color Coding

Color code events by type or ensemble or any way you want to make them stand out at a glance.

Website Views

The Events Calendar has several alternate views, meaning that users can optionally view your calendar in multiple ways:

  • Month – This is a traditional “grid” view of the current calendar month
  • List – Displays a list of upcoming events in chronological order, along with some event details such as the event name and date
  • Day – Displays the current day only, displaying all of the day’s events in a detailed, easy to read layout
  • Week – Great for calendars that have recurring weekly events. Quickly see all the events for the week ahead.
  • Map – Let your users browse your events based on location. Powered by Google Maps, users can use a location search to quickly find what they’re looking for.
  • Photo – Display events in a fun grid that showcases featured images for your events.

Importing, Exporting and Sharing

Import events from other calendars, export to your device or subscribe on your iPhone to keep devices in sync with your official Cadenza Events Calendar.

Collect RSVP’s and Event Registrations

For Premium Cadenza Subscribers, you can collect RSVP’s or allow visitors to register for your performances, events, meetings, celebrations or other activities directly from your Cadenza Events Calendar.