If the Events you scheduled are correctly categorized and tagged, then visitors will be able to fully utilize the Calendar Filters to more easily find events on your Calendar. Calendar Filters can also apply to your Event Venues and Organizers. When you create Events, make sure to select the appropriate Event Category, and also add relevant Tags to also connect other related content from your Cadenza site to your Events.

Categories, Tags, Venues and Organizers are all call “Taxonomies”. You create and add taxonomies as you need them and they are, for the most part, unique to your Cadenza website. In other words, while Cadenza gets you started with a handful of common Event Categories, like Rehearsals and Perfomances, you’ll add your own Venues like “City Auditorium”, or “High School Stadium”, and your own Organizers, like “The Booster Club”, or “Professor Harold Hill”. Building a library of taxonomies makes it easier to create new events by selecting common taxonomies.

These same taxonomies are repurposed in the Calendar Filters found with your Events Calendar on your Cadenza website – the selections are the same. So when you assign taxonmoies to an event when you create it, you use the same taxonomies to filter your Calendar when looking for certain events.

Using the Filters with the Events Calendar

A small Show Filters link displays above your Cadenza website’s Events Calendar. Clicking this link expands the Filter panel beside your Events Calendar, regardless of the selected view – Month, Week, Day, List, and so on.

To filter the Calendar, a user simply makes selections from the taxonomy options. Single or combination filters may be applied. The Calendar will automatically update its display. Events that do not match the selected filters are hidden from view. Making additonal filter selections narrows the results further.

Resetting Filters

Reset the Filters by clicking the Reset Filter link at the bottom of the Filter panel. You can also reset a single filter by clicking the “x” next to the selected taxonomy in the Filter. This resets the Filter panel by only that selection, without resetting the entire panel.

Collapsing Filters

You can collapse the entire Filter panel by clicking the Collapse Filters link above the Filters panel. Collapsing the panel does not reset the Filters, but allows the Events Calendar to display at full page width.

Each filter may be collapsed on itself by clicking the little up arrow on the right side of the title bar. Expand the filter again by clicking the down arrow. Collapse filters that you are less like to use.