The Events Calendar provides a simple way for visitors to RSVP to your events. Administrators are able to access RSVP information from their Dashboard, allowing them to check in registered attendees when an event begins.

RSVPs are managed like event tickets, collecting registrations and recording attendee information, but WITHOUT collecting payment or actually issuing a ticket, without attendees do receive a confirmation email. RSVPs should not be confused with the Premium Subscriber feature for actual ticket sales and payment collection. 

Adding an RSVP

To add an RSVP to your events, do the following:

  1. When adding or editing an event, scroll down to the Tickets box on the editing screen. If you don’t see the Ticekets box, check your Screen Options tab and make sure that the Tickets option is checked.
  2. Click the + New RSVP button
  3. Enter a ticket Type. Ticket type name shows on the front end and emailed tickets.
  4. Set the Capacity for your event. Leave blank for unlimited capacity.
  5. Click the Advanced icon for additional optional settings
  6. Enter a Description for your RSVP. The description can appear on the front end ticket form.
  7. Select Start and End Dates & Times if you want to limit the amount of time people can RSVP to your event
  8. Click the Save RSVP button when finished.

You can add multiple RSVPs to a single event. For example, you may want to collect RSVPs from students and also RSVPs for parents, but keep seperate records. Simply click the + NEw RSVP button again to add additional RSVPs. Each RSVP can have seperate details like capacity, descriptions and dates.

RSVPing to an Event

When you add an RSVP to an event, an RSVP form will display on your Events Calendar on your website, below the Event Details box. You can relocate the RSVP form to another location by navigating to Events > Settings and clicking on the Tickets tab. Select either Below the event details, Above the events details, Below the event description or Above the event description from the dropdown menu for Location of RSVP form.

Note that you can also add RSPV forms to other pages and posts within your Cadenza website. Make additional selections from the options at the top of the Tickets Settings screen if you want to be able to show RSVP forms on elsewhere.

Respondents can enter a Number in the number selector, then are prompted to entere their Full Name and Email address in the fields provided, then select if they are Going or Not Going. Clicking the Confirm RSVP button registers their response in the RSVP details box in the Admin, and generates an email confirmation which is sent to the respondent.

If a Capacity was set for the RSVP, then the number is updated, based on the number of respondents who confirm they are Going.

Managing RSVPs

Once you have Attendees (an non-attendees) for your Event, you can view and manage their information in the Admin by doing one of the following:

  • From your Dashboard, navigate to Events. Hover over the Title of the event you want to manage and click the Attendees link
  • From your Dashboard, navigate to Events. Hover over and click the the Title of the event you want to manage or click the Edit link. Then scroll down to the RSVP box and click the View Attendees button.

The Attendees screen displays all of the RSVP details of your event, showing Total RSVPs both Going and Not Going and how many have Checked In (see below).It also lists all respondents and shows their status if they are attending or not attending your event. Each attendee is issued a unique ticket number and security code.

Lastly, you have the option to Check In attendees at the time of your event. This allows you to keep a record of people who actually show up. Even though you may or may not charge admission for your event, you might still want to verify attendees and check them in. If so, then you should instruct them to print their email confirmation “ticket” to bring with them to your event. Then you can Check In their ticket against your records in the Attendees screen.

Other actions you can take using the Attendees screen.

  • Bulk Actions – Here you can select multiple or all attendees and perfom bulk actions on all those selected. Select an option form the dropwdown menu, then click the Apply button to perform one of the following actions:
    • Check In – Check In all attendees that are selected
    • Undo Check In – Uncheck In all selected attendees that are are already Checked In
    • Delete – Simply delete all selected Attendees
    • Move – You can move it to a different ticket type within the same event, or to a different event.
  • Print – Print the list of all Attendees for offline use.
  • Email – This option allows you to send the list of Attendees to another Cadenza User, or any other email address
  • Export – Exports the Attendee list to a CSV file that can be opened or imported into a spreadsheet program